Th luxurious apartment is situated on two floors facing on the Grand Canal, with windows on all four sides. On the second floor, a large living room and a generous dining room have five double balcony windows and one single window all looking out directly onto the Canal; the two bedrooms/ with bathrooms are at the back on the second floor on interior courtyards, hence very quiet. There is a half-bathroom at foyer entrance; fully equipped kitchen, utility room with washing and drying machines and linen. On the ground (or Canal) level, a foyer and a Canal door lead onto a dock on the Canal. There is also a garden/courtyard in the back and a large entrance hallway. Central air-conditioning, television, internet are available throughout the apartment.

NB. Exceptionally, and for an additional fee, an extra full bedroom/bath may be made available. Contact owner.

Description of site: the apartment is located in a Palazzo in the most exclusive neighbourhood of Venice in the San Marco section, and faces onto the Grand Canal. While it is very practical for all communications, located two minutes from two Vaporetto stops on each side (Sant'Angelo and San Samuele) and one minute from a traghetto stop (to cross the Canal); three minutes walk to the elegant San Stefano square and ten minutes walk to the Rialto, it is out of the tourist flow, hence delightfully quiet and peaceful. A very popular family cafe-restaurant is one minute from the front gate of the Palazzo where an excellent breakfast as well as the other meals are available.

For other information go to mail (reference number 182472)